Apulian Investing specializes in Construction Project Management for the renovation of Apulian traditional farmhouses (Masserie), cone-shaped houses (Trulli), Villas with pools, and historic homes in the Puglia region. We help individuals turn their dream homes in Puglia into reality with ease through our English-speaking project management agency.


Project Oversight
A manager coordinates tasks and teams for a smooth construction process.

Cost Control
Manages expenses to stay within budget and minimize overspending.

Quality Assurance
Ensures construction work meets high standards and regulations.

Time Management
Monitors progress, prevents delays, and keeps the project on schedule.

Stakeholder Communication
Manages communication among various parties involved.

Documentation and Reporting
Maintains detailed records and prepares progress reports for accountability and future reference.

Client Satisfaction
Focuses on meeting client expectations for a successful outcome.


Engaging a construction project manager before purchasing a property can offer invaluable insights and benefits that contribute to informed decision-making and a successful property acquisition. Here's why you might consider involving a construction manager in the pre-purchase phase.

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A project manager's involvement can extend well beyond the pre-purchasing phase, providing ongoing support, expertise, and oversight to help you effectively manage and enhance your property investment.

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Antonio M. Sicuro
Project Manager & Founder

Antonio, the founder and project manager of Apulian Investing, possesses a unique blend of Apulian heritage and international experience. Having worked on multimillionaire projects in London, Spain, and Italy, he is well-equipped to assist you in evaluating and overseeing various aspects of your investment throughout the entire process.


  • Project / Construction Management (Northumbria University, Uk)
  • Urban Planning (IUAV, University of Venice)
  • Licensed Estate Agent (Camera di Commercio of Lecce)

+39 347 7183913

Elena Provenzano
Executive Assistant

At Apulian Investing, Elena takes on a multifaceted role, overseeing the administrative functions, managing relationships with both clients and suppliers and ensuring that clients embarking on their dream home journey in Puglia experience a seamless process. Her vast experience, gained both in Italy and the UK, has equipped her with a meticulous, precise and punctual approach. With a deep passion and knowledge about Puglia and a keen eye for detail, Elena is your trusted guide in turning your dream home into a reality. She is also a wine expert, which is definitely a bonus in Puglia!


  • Bachelor's in Communication (Università del Salento)
  • Tourism Management Master (Università del Salento)
  • WSET 3 Certified (London, Uk)

+39 388 4034591


1Why do I need a Project Manager if I already have a Geometra?

A Geometra is a professional specializing in technical aspects of construction, including surveying, design, estimation, and project documentation. They often work on land surveys, basic architectural design, and ensure projects comply with local regulations.

Project Manager:
A Project Manager oversees all aspects of a project, from planning and coordination to execution and completion. They manage teams, budgets, schedules, ensure quality, and safeguard client interests. Project Managers also facilitate communication among stakeholders.

The primary difference lies in scope and responsibility. A Geometra focuses on technical aspects and specific tasks within construction, while a Project Manager has a broader role in managing the entire project lifecycle, from start to finish. Additionally, a Project Manager plays a crucial role in representing and protecting client interests throughout the project.

2Can a project manager help me find the right contractors?

A Project Manager guides you through the process of choosing contractors, ensuring a well-informed decision that aligns with your project's objectives. We can certainly assist in:

- Understanding your project needs and required skills.
- Identifying reputable contractors with relevant experience.
- Creating a detailed project description and evaluation criteria.
- Inviting contractors to submit their proposals.
- Reviewing and comparing proposals for completeness and feasibility.
- Checking contractor references and past project performance.
- Facilitating interactions and interviews with potential contractors.
- Analysing cost estimates and project schedules.
- Assisting in finalizing contract terms and agreements.
- Assessing potential risks associated with contractors.

3What is the cost of hiring a project manager for my own project?

Each project differs in terms of size, professionals involved, construction permits and other factors. To receive a fixed cost estimate, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. We offer a complimentary “20 -minutes video call” where you can provide more details about your project. Our expertise covers a wide range of project sizes – from small bathroom renovations to the complete refurbishment of a farmhouse. We're here to assist you every step of the way.

Contact us to schedule your free video call today!

4At what stage of the project should I involve a project manager?
The earlier, the better! A project manager can assist you in identifying suitable professionals by requesting quotes and assessing their work. This process includes selecting an architect or geometra and extends to choosing an appropriate contractor.
5If I involve a project manager before the purchasing phase, do I still need to pay the agency?
Absolutely not! As a licensed agent, the project manager will assist in coordinating with various agencies to ensure you have adequate time for property viewings. The main advantages are that you will receive an "independent" property assessment after each viewing, and if you decide to make a purchase, the commission will be paid exclusively to us rather than the real estate agency!